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PMHS Hall of Fame Committee

Harvey Williams, President

Loice Chavers, Vice President

Jennifer Yates, Secretary

Julie Blackmar

Luree Bowen

Jeff Brannen

Justin Chester

Tronda Grooms

Tendai Haggins

Jeff Spence

Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Portal High School Hall of Fame is to:

1) recognize and honor past high school graduates of Portal High School and Willow Hill School who have distinguished themselves in academics, athletics, and/or extracurricular activities and have continued, as adults, to be positive role models for the youth of today. These individuals will be inducted into the Portal High Hall of Fame.

2) recognize and honor teachers, coaches and others who have directly influenced students by impacting their educational and/or athletic development. These individuals will be inducted as honorary members into the Portal High Hall of Fame.

Nominations to the Hall of Fame will be limited to the following:

2020- Class of 2000 and prior years

After 2020, nominations will include all alumni of at least 10 years.


2020 inductees
2019 inductees
2018 inductees